Spring 2020
After years away from film as a regular artistic practice, I completed this project as part of a class I was enrolled in about Embodiment and Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. Compiled through long takes, this piece is also negotiate in nature, revolving around in/voluntary surveillance.

Fall 2020
Drawing from Patricia Leavy’s work, Method Meets Art, I created this multi-disciplinary piece as part of my continued work regarding sadism and masochism as spiritual practices. Here, diverging ecstatic expression - in the form of freewrites - and traditional academic inquiry clash together, resulting in a visceral, vulnerable work. Through the process of typing my handwritten freewrites and transforming them into blackout poetry, I reveal the essential, painful, and erotic subconcious that informs all of my work, but especially that pertaining to family systems, trauma,
and pleasure.

Spring 2017
Interpreting the relationship between Yeshua and Judas as one of co-conspiring between intimate lovers, I originally wrote Judas: The Beloved as a spoken word piece. However, upon meeting the talented dancer and multi-disciplinary artist, M Wu, the piece expanded to become one of concurrent movement and recitation. This piece explores pleasure, pain, rupture, and betrayal as products of occasionally failed attempts at communication.

Fall 2017
Encountering translation and transformation as physical processes, this piece revolves around the act of preparing oneself to receive their Beloved. Utilizing methods of screenprinting and natural fabric dyeing, I made a wearable garment whose hue I reclaim from its use in Germany’s Third Reich. Acknowledging that the names of dissidents were printed and distributed on pink paper, I consider myself part of that tradition of counter-culture and resistance. Advocating for queer pleasure as a site + sight of negotiation and resistance is the goal of this piece.